Imagine that you’re back in like the 6th grade and your teacher, Ms. Scoodledoodle (first thing that came to mind), has asked everyone to close their eyes and picture some random crap blah blah blah. Now, do you remember that feeling when you open your eyes again after what seemed like hours? The fluorescent lights pierce your eyes, you start squinting, and complaining. You are convinced you are going blind. Of course, some of you may have fallen asleep while Ms. Scoodledoodle was asking some cheesy question your future (stay in school kids!). But regardless, you had to wake up at some point…

That weird feeling of awakening and weakness was what I felt after a 2 mile trek through the forest and then walking out into the clear, bright daylight. It was the beach at NorthBay Adventure Camp. The sky was so white, while the bay breeze tickled my skin. I actually had to pause, do the whole blind squinty thing, and audibly gasp. You know that scene at the end of the first Captain America when Steve woke up from his 70 year slumber and ran into Times Square, and looked around all shocked, disoriented, and overwhelmed? Yeah that was me. I am Captain America.

All the other campers kept walking and talking, while I was just stood there, gaping. The only difference between this and the Ms. Scoodledoodle example is that this felt good. The water was clear, pristine beauty. I couldn’t hear the people around me anymore, I was at peace.