Skinny Is Not a Compliment

I don’t watch what I eat. I mean yeah, we shop at Trader Joe’s, I don’t eat a lot of processed foods, and I can throw words at you like hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup. But in general, if I want that donut, I’m gonna eat it. I don’t hold back. I snack A LOT. I know where every “hidden” candy stash is in my house. I can’t say no to ice cream and I don’t always eat my vegetables. I try to exercise regularly, but I’m definitely not in the best shape. And I am skinny. I know that I’m skinny. Not because I try to be, but just because I am (metabolism or something, idk science). Now please stop telling me. Stop saying it like being told I’m skinny is the best compliment you could give me. Or like it’s something that I control. Just stop. The word “skinny” is a BODY TYPE. Not. A. Compliment. Stop associating skinny with good and fat with bad. These words are simply used to describe our bodies. They shouldn’t have any other positive/negative connotations attached to them. No no no no no just stop it because body size is completely irrelevant to beauty. Skinny doesn’t equate being healthy or pretty or even ideal. We need to promote having a healthy body over a skinny one, and that starts with stoping the glorification thinness. Of course, because our culture looks unfavorably upon being overweight (fat shaming), it’s considered wrong to make a comment about someone who is overweight. Most of us know that this is alienating, offensive, and insecurity-inducing. But what about the opposite? Making a comment about someone’s thinness, why is that considered a compliment? For whatever reason, this second kind of comment about someone’s weight has become socially acceptable, which is insensitive and not okay.



I just spent the weekend dealing with comments like “it looks like you haven’t eaten” and “oh why don’t you eat more.” I’m just tired of it.


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