5 Tips to Stress Less

I’m starting to get a little bit overwhelmed with stress about this semester and college applications and midterms and the crapload of homework I have, so here are my tips to stay focused despite feeling like the world is going to end.

  1. OFFICE HOURS – If you’re not understanding material or you’re confused, go talk to your professors! Most of the time they love to chat and they can help you better understand the concepts one-on-one. I’ve made friends with many of my professors (yes I’m that geek) just from seeing them in their office so frequently and they really don’t mind. It actually gives them insight into you and shows them that you really care about doing well in their class.
  2. WATER – Stay hydrated!!! This semester I’ve started carrying a water bottle around, and I swear I’m telling you my focus in class is soo much better. As a matter of fact, today I dropped my water bottle and it shattered (it was one of those fancy schmancy glass ones) into a million pieces. I wanted to cry as I picked up the shards of glass from the ground. My mama got it for me and it was my favorite:( But because of the lack of water, I couldn’t focus in my classes for the rest of day and it was a huge bummer.
  3. DON’T OVERTHINK – Ha, I know that’s way easier said then done, but actively try to prevent yourself from going down that dangerous spiral of second-guessing all your life choices (I really need to take my own advice tbh). Take everything one step at a time and BREATHE. It really is going to be okay. Overwhelming yourself and trying to do everything at once, only causes disappointment when things don’t work out. If you try to do everything at once, nothing ends up getting done. So relax, chill, and take it easy.
  4. WORK HARD – Be careful not to take it too easy! You still have to work hard! Don’t take sh*t for granted and try your best to keep procrastination at a minimum. Accept that procrastination will happen, so don’t be too hard yourself when you do procrastinate, but be careful not to become a slave to your laziness. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it.
  5. TREAT YO SELF – When you finish an assignment or take an exam, find little ways to reward yourself or give yourself a pat on the back. One thing I always do after a big paper or exam is buying french fries as a treat. It could be anything though from watching an episode of your favorite show to hanging out with some friends. Whatever you do, make sure you recognize your accomplishments, and that will definitely alleviate some of your stress.


And try to have fun! Yes I know, wishful thinking.