The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini | Review

Day 10: 6/21/2016

Hours worked: 8

Total hours: 68

            Over the past couple weeks, while on the metro I have been reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I know it sounds strange, but I was horrified by how well the book was written. Hosseini’s vivid descriptions, alluring details, and deep lessons scared me. I was nauseous from how realistic the story was. Knowing that someone quite possibly may have actually experienced the events taking place made me sick. Hosseini writes in way that makes me realize the troubling realities of the social issues of our era. My body yearned to go back to the comfort of fantasy books like Harry Potter where I could delve into the story without a care in the world because in the back of mind, I understood that Hogwarts doesn’t really exist (unfortunately) and Harry will always save the day with the help of his friends. All this was going through my mind while tears spilled down my cheeks as Amir told his sad, sad story. Nonetheless, I could not put down the book. I read and read on the metro all the way to the Library of Congress and all the way back. Since I’m fasting, I even spent my lunch hour in a corner of the Great Hall reading even more of the book. Another thing that struck me on the metro was how real the character Amir is. He isn’t a superhero that saves the day, he isn’t perfect, and he faces the same internal struggles of an ordinary person. He didn’t always do the right thing or even think the right things, and yet he still recognized his problems. Over the course of the book/his life, he grew from a selfish child to selfless adult.




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