I Met Jill Biden?!!


Day 4: 6/6/2016

Hours worked: 8

Total hours: 28

If today were an episode of Friends, it would either be called “The Time I Met Jill Biden” or “The Time Flat Stanley Was Decapitated.” I’m still not sure which title is better. Inside an alcove in the Young Readers Center (YRC), there is a life-size cardboard cutout of Flat Stanley. The families who visit the YRC enjoy posing for photos with Stanley. Unfortunately, today Stanley was knocked over and his cardboard head snapped clean from his body. Since then, Stanley has been hospitalized, but the odds are not looking good. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Stanley, I hope you come back in one piece.

In other news, today the YRC hosted a conversation with Author Michael Grant, two female combat soldiers, and special guest Dr. Jill Biden. The event compared and contrasted real and imagined events during World War II with 21st century combat and military life. Michael Grant, a popular YA author discussed his new historical fiction book Front Lines, which reimagined a World War II where women are eligible for the draft. Among other things, I helped move Dr. Biden’s signed books from the green room to backstage, and during the book-signing portion of the event, I was in charge of writing people’s names down on post-it notes if they wished for their book to be personalized. Afterwards, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Biden, and honestly, she was so kind and genuine. Since she is an advocate for community colleges and is a professor at a northern Virginia community college, when I told her I was an intern from Montgomery College, she said that it’s awesome that I’m interning at the Library, and she said to enjoy it, and have a great summer. Meeting Dr. Biden will not be forgotten anytime soon, especially since the professional photographer at the event snapped a high quality photo that will probably be shared around by all my family and friends.




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