Day 1 at the Library of Congress

Day 1: 5/31/2016

Hours worked: 8

Total hours: 8

It’s okay. It’s fine. You’re fine. Butterflies? Ha. More like stampeding elephants. I enter the building labeled “Madison Library of Congress.” After going through security, I walk to a map and search for Young Readers Center. Young Readers Center Young Readers Center Young Readers Center, WHERE IS IT? The security guard asks me what I’m looking for and I respond and he says that it’s in the Jefferson Building. There’s more than one building?? “Yeah there are three actually.” Oops, I said that out loud.

He gave me directions to head into an underground tunnel that connects the three buildings together. Rights and lefts and keep going straight blur in my head, and I thank god for the signs and maps everywhere along the way.

Okay, now when you walk into the Center just stay calm. It’s okay. Once I entered the Center, all my nerves went away. Books upon books upon books of my childhood surrounded me and gave me a welcoming hug. The blue and green pastels danced on the walls. I spotted Frindle, one of my favorite books, and it brought a natural smile to my face—unlike the ones I was forcing all morning.

My supervisor at the YRC, Kahin, wanted me to just observe the daily activities before I’m given any responsibilities. After touring the center and going over protocol, I was told I can grab and book and just watch over what Monica does at the information desk. Everything seemed simple enough and I knew I would become accustomed to the procedures in due time. I also have begun to understand that situations like this are going to make me anxious. Until I’m comfortable in my surroundings, I am going to overthink every single thing I say and do, which sucks, but what can I do?



p.s. aghhhhh I’m interning at the Library of Congress what the heck????


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