My life as a pencil is not poor. Well, sometimes it can be. There are always those kids who think I am some sort of chew toy, the ones who press down so hard that my tip breaks, or since I’m getting older and shorter, the ones who forget about me, and do not use me for months at a time. I am thankful though because I had a friend who was used so frequently that she died from being so small. Even though there is a plenty of hardship in my life, it is all worth it when I see a child write his or her name for the first time. My skinny heart glows when I see amazing writing pieces, art, and doodles all thanks to my owner, and my lead tips.

One thing that really makes me want to scribble angrily, though, is when kids grow up, go to college or work, and start using fancy pens. They leave behind their childhood with us, for obnoxious, stuck-up pens.  Is it fair that we as community are not considered important after high school, when pens are used for a lifetime? Is it fair that different types and colors of pens are being developed everyday and all we get is cheap drawing pencils? Does it make sense to create an erasable pen when pencils are freely available to do the job? Why is it that when grading papers, teachers always use pens? I am here to denounce this as discrimination towards pencils. By the end of this essay, you will be convinced to join me, and other pencils around the world in a internet campaign called #EQUALITY4PENCILS.

Since kindergarten, we have been an important building block for solid writing. So is it fair when an impudent child snaps a pencil in half on purpose that it is thrown away and no court ruling is held, but when he or she touches the fancy fountain pen, a lecture is given about the pen’s value and importance? These are horrid values being taught to our children each and every day.

As a respected pencil in the community, I find it offensive to see how pens are given the upper hand automatically with no justification. Pens apparently, have the god-given right to sign marriage contracts, drivers’ licenses, credit cards, and legal documents. Apparently, pencil’s rights are to write shopping lists, it seems.

Although sharpening us can be a pain for both the human and the pencil, one positive factor is that our life span is at least 2-3 years, whereas pens finish within 2-3 months with no warning. When I say we last 2-3 years, I mean used halfway down, given up on, and thrown into a draw for retirement. Also, when using a pencil, you see its life decreasing with every sharpening and you become prepared to buy a new one. Pens unfortunately, stop working abruptly and you are left scratching the paper. Afterwards, the hunt around the house to find a working pen begins.

The burial process of pens and pencils is also unequal. Pens are left around the house after death as memorials and humans stupidly grab at them when pen hunting, to see if they still work. Us pencils on the other hand, are thrown away immediately if cracked or broken.

Time after time pencils are treated as second-class writing utensils when we are obviously better than pens. I hope you will join us on our #EQUALITY4PENCILS campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Lol this is just another thing that isn’t fair about the world, I hope you find it funny. I love this piece so much though because it’s so me. 🙂


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