Best Day of the Year

Just like every year, 2015 has been a crazy rollercoaster with ups and downs, and twists and turns.

If one were to ask me what my favorite day of the year was, I’d have to say August 1, 2015. This day, ironically, was filled with rollercoasters, some that were AMAZING and some that were headache inducing. My favorite day of the year was the day I went to Kings Dominion with my best friend, Hannah.

The trip was OH MY GOD awesome. I don’t think I said “oh my god” more times in my life than on this day. We went with a youth group from Virginia, not knowing anyone but ourselves.

Now, the day didn’t start out so great. We sat in 3 hours of traffic (bad idea to travel Saturday morning in the middle of beach season) and once we arrived, we waited in line for an hour for a ride that broke down as we waited. Cranky and irritated from the traffic and the line, we decided to have lunch to regroup. We ate with some people we met on the bus and they turned out to be great people. We ended up spending most of the day with them.

Perhaps because we ventured deeper into the park, or for whatever reason, the lines started going smoothly.

Probably because of my lack of experience at theme parks, I thought the rides were freaking amazing. Rollercoasters are hard to explain the thrill of it. Like it’s something you have to experience to understand. Screaming at the top of my lungs with Hannah, being care-free, and relaxed was a much needed break. I was so happy, it makes me happy now just thinking about it.

To top it all off, the ice-cream and strawberry topped funnel cakes were the best way to conclude the day. THEY TASTED SO GOOD OH MY GOD. I literally could not handle how good they were and Hannah has photo evidence of me freaking out with every bite. The crunchiness of the funnel cake, plus the sweet, cold ice-cream was the best feeling after the exhaustion of the day started to settle in. I recommend ice-cream topped funnel cakes 10/10.

But, you see, it didn’t stop there. Back on the bus, Hannah and I had the best conversations. She put her legs on my lap and I leaned back in my chair. We put headphones in and the playlist on Pandora was incredible. It fit the mood perfectly, as we drove into the sunset, going home.

Happy New Year!!


Is it bad that I’m more excited for the Sherlock Special coming out tomorrow and not New Years?


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