Life is Beautiful


Sometimes, I look at life and I see is the darkness. My eyes only grasp the pain, the suffering, and the hardship. Sometimes I need that. Other times, when I look at life, I see the light, the happiness, the joy, the friendship, and the love. I see the breeze floating through the sky. I see the flowers blooming and bees running through the air. I see the clouds twisting and turning, and creating shapes that I can see only if I look hard enough. I see children shrieking with laughter and loving life to the highest of their capabilities. I see beauty. I really do.

When I see the beauty, I try to preserve it. Contain it. Beauty doesn’t work that way. We must spread it, share it, and pass it on so everyone can experience it. This is why I started to blog. I want to share the beauty from my life.




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