I thought too much about this title

I was sitting there thinking the other day, and I thought about writing something to post. It was a very good idea. The problem is I do not remember the idea at all. Zero, zilch, none of it. I had planned it all out where–OH MY GOD I JUST REMEMBERED! PRAISE THE LORD!

I am so mad right now.

This day is just not working.

I just deleted everything I wrote.

I have to rewrite it now.


I was sitting there thinking. Over thinking. I legit had to tell my brain to stop. I had to literally feel it within me so hard, for my brain to just stop (this is a really good method for getting rid of headaches by the way). Afterwards, I thought, again. I said damn this is such a good idea. I thought about writing a post where I explain how my brain over functions and how I over thought about this post. How I thought about over thinking about this post. How I thought about thinking about thinking about thinking about over thinking about this post. I thought about this until I had to tell my brain to stop again. I even thought about what you think when read about how I think about thinking about thinking about over thinking about this post.

Do you get the point?

Probably not.

I over thought about that too.

I need to stop.



Life is Beautiful


Sometimes, I look at life and I see is the darkness. My eyes only grasp the pain, the suffering, and the hardship. Sometimes I need that. Other times, when I look at life, I see the light, the happiness, the joy, the friendship, and the love. I see the breeze floating through the sky. I see the flowers blooming and bees running through the air. I see the clouds twisting and turning, and creating shapes that I can see only if I look hard enough. I see children shrieking with laughter and loving life to the highest of their capabilities. I see beauty. I really do.

When I see the beauty, I try to preserve it. Contain it. Beauty doesn’t work that way. We must spread it, share it, and pass it on so everyone can experience it. This is why I started to blog. I want to share the beauty from my life.