Stay strong. Two words full of meaning. Stay strong. It means you are strong, you just have to hold on to it. Continue to be strong. Bullying is a hard, menacing, and stupid thing to do. I’m sorry, but I’m sick of this. I do not care if you bully because you’re stressed out, or you have family problems, or anxiety; that is no excuse to make someones life miserable. I’ve seen people commit SUICIDE because of a stupid bully who couldn’t keep they’re mouth shut and they’re excuse is “i have family issues”. It’s sad.

I recently came in touch with a friend from elementary school. We weren’t really friends but we knew each other, said hi a couple times. She found me the other day on Instagram, and we’ve been texting ever since. She was bullied. Still is. But she is strong. They aren’t getting to her. She posted this yesterday:

“In retrospect, I have been bullied A LOT. I was verbally bullied in the 5th grade. I literally wanted to cry. But I have a positvie attitude and smile everyday. Now it’s still going on. Look guys, being bullied hurts. I know. But one thing, the bully can’t control your positivity or your mind. Know this, whatever happens to you, don’t let the bully get to you. Tell your parents, teachers, whatever, that you’re being bullied. You have to tell someone. Whether it’s a counselor or a friend, they’re always there for you. Same as a witness, you have to tell. If your friend is being bullied, would you be willing to spread some happy words to make his/her day? If a buddy gets bullied, would you stand on the sidelines to watch or go and tell someone? It’s okay to be a tattletale. It’s a totally different situation. Turn the other cheek and speak up. Don’t be afraid.”

She has unstoppable perseverance. I am in awe.



2 thoughts on “Perserverance

  1. I understand totally what your friend went through and I’m glad you shared it. We need to let the victims of bullying that there is hope for them. It does get better. It got better for me. We all have valleys we must travel through. Some are toughter than others but I think we always come out stronger in the end. Thanks for posting.


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