Holy Cow

Couple years ago, we were on way to the Cairo Airport (from Alexandria) and I was sound asleep sitting by the window. Suddenly a truck packed with cows comes into the lane next to our van. My mom thought it would be hilarious for me to wake up to a cow in my face. My most traumatizing experience ever. I swear I’m scrarred (I still haven’t figured out how). After I calmed down, I captured the memory. The truck switched lanes by then. I look back at this and laugh on how natural Egypt is. At least you know you’re actually eating meat.




Hello my nonexistent followers! How are you?? I don’t know exactly how this blogging thing works, but let me give it a shot. I’ll try to post everyday about my horribly boring life. Before when I tried blogging I tried to act formal and professional, but I’m just gonna go with it this time. This is my life in words, I hope you like it. Here we go! Day 1 đŸ™‚